Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ABC's & Spilt Milk....

I have some pictures I need to post, if I can get my computer to cooperate!;) We have had a busy but great summer! I feel like it's been a long summer too, since it started warming up in April this year & it's still hot out! Amazing for this cold tundra of the North!=)

Daniel has had more opportunities to preach in the last couple of months & for me that's an extra special treat!;)

The boys are thriving & loving life! They sure do keep me on my toes!

Carter (4) is always asking to color, or build something, or adventure outdoors. He loves to ride his little trike & work with daddy's tools in the garage, and sing. He really is a good singer. Sometimes he'll get shy about it, but he has a great little voice & also loves to listen to my music with me. Everyday we sing, sometimes to the point of them asking me if we can stop...lol...Carter recently started humming the prettiest little tune. I added some words & we wrote a new chorus entitled, "I Love to Sing". Hoping to use it in the church children's choir. He also is very much into pretending to hunt, fish, & drive to the mall...wonder where he got that from??? He is growing taller, and such a goodly child to us, they all are. We are so blessed!

Evan (2), well....what is Evan NOT interested in??? That little boy has a zeal to learn & will try anything! He is especially good at copying everything his big brother or daddy do. He has the cutest little voice right now. I think he sounds quite french at times. Like a little 'peppy Le pew' walking around..or however you say that little cartoon skunk's name! He loves to sing the ABC's and sings it often, loud, and sometimes throwing his own style to it.;) He is full of joy & keeps us laughing! I'm praying he will be an avid soul-winner for the Lord someday as he is NOT shy in the least, and if you ask him, "How do we get to Heaven?"...he responds boldy, "Ye must be born again!"...only coming out of his little french accent voice it's more like "Bourne' again!"...what a funny little guy he is!

Parker (15mo)...my little Lovebug. He is such a sweetheart! He has a full head of dark hair, big blue eyes, and such a cuddler bug! The older two are also very cuddly & never turn down my constant kisses, but little Parker just loves to snuggle in my neck, kick his legs, & tuck his arms under mine, as if the excitement of being snuggled is about to burst forth!=) He is learning new things every day...like how to climb on things, getting on the couch, jumping on the couch, copying his older brothers. He adores his older brothers. Watching their every move to join in the fun! Precious memories!

Carter has asked some really sweet questions about the Lord in the last couple of months. Like, "How do we get to Heaven? Do we fly there?"...or "We can't go to Heaven, we're not dying."...lol...if you could have seen my face & response on that one..."You're right honey, we're not dying. Do you want a cookie??"....hehe....his prayers too are so sweet. He'll ask Jesus to "bless the food, help us to please be good, and fly us to Heaven but we're not dying yet."...that sweet boy I can hardly contain from kissing that soft sweet skin!

They make me melt....I'm so thankful I'm not missing out on their morning fresh skin, their lunch time prayers, their afternoon games, their dinner milk spills, and their bedtime kisses.

With these three & my honey my life is pretty much perfect. We are so blessed & I'm thankful for my sweet family! That is our update & hopefully I can get some pictures up by the end of the week! Thanks for stopping by & don't forget to thank the Lord for His rich blessings!=)