Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bind Me Again, Dear Lord...

I recently read a friends facebook status that read, "Having children is like going to jail."-her college professor.

"How Terrible!!" my mind thought. Do people really think like that? I guess out of the sinfulness of our hearts comes a lot of wicked things...and that my friends, is a wicked statement!

Children are a blessing from the Lord. They are a wonderful joy & reward! I can't imagine our lives without our children.

Our house would be so empty.

I love the crazy chaos that my little people bring to me each day! They are so much fun, full of love, and precious in every way!

If having children is like going to jail?....then I say,

"Bind me again, Dear Lord!"

Bind me with their newborn skin,

Bind me as I'm nursing them.

Bind me when I wash them clean,
Bind me in our sweet routine!

Bind me as I sing them hymns,
Bind me as I speak of Him.

Bind me as I watch them play,
Bind me as they learn to pray.

For I don't want to miss a moment.
I'm so thankful I was chosen.

Don't loosen me from their grip,
Don't allow my love from theirs to slip.

O Lord, my God, please Bind me tight!
My children are a joy this night!

And may the joy continue on,
So Bind Me, Bind Me, with this love so Strong.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Prayed In My Heart...

The other morning my boys had one of the sweetest conversations. Carter is 4 (almost 5) and Evan just turned 3.

Now don't be fooled, I usually highlight for you the 'sweet' stories & keep the disaster stories a secret! HA! Our home has many little disasters each day, whether it's the boys fighting over toys or jumping up and down LOUDLY on their train table followed by crying, because one of them tried to jump from the table to the couch only missing their mark by a HUGE distance...bless their little rambunctious, boy, hearts!=)

Anyway, back the sweet conversation...I gave them their bowls of cereal & told them to pray as I got their juice.

Evan said, " are eating and I was praying!"

Carter: " I prayed already."

Evan: "Tarter, I didn't hear you pray."

Carter: "I prayed in my heart. Sometimes people pray in their heart & they don't make any sounds. Do it!"

Evan: "Ok. (as he pulls his shirt open & looks down at his heart) Bless the food, Amen. I did it, Tarter! I prayed in my heart!"

They are a blessing, even when I have to clean off their gooey finger marks from the backs of my chairs, I can remember they are a blessing.

They are only this age once, they are only small for a short time, may I cherish each day with them!