Thursday, September 2, 2010

Child like faith...

The other day while we were finishing our lunch, Carter asked me.."Mommy what is sin again?"

I began to explain, but before I could Evan chimed in, "Tartar (that's how he says Carter;) Sins are bad".... It's interesting putting these things into 'child like' terms. You'd be surprised how well even a two year old can understand them!

I said, "That's correct, Evan, sins are bad things that God doesn't like. It makes His heart very sad when we sin. And you know boys, we are ALL sinners. Did you know that?"

Carter, "No I'm not, Mom. I'm not a sinner."

Me, "Yes Carter. Even you are a sinner. Even mommy, daddy, Evan & Parker. Everyone is a sinner. The Bible tells us that."

Carter, "No I'm not one." shaking his head & taking his last bite of yogurt.

Me, "Carter have you ever lied to daddy?"

Carter, "Um..I think maybe not."

Me, "Carter haven't you been punished for lying before? & Haven't you been mean to your friends before?"

Carter, "That was a long time's ok now."

Me..kindly & with a smile as this little guy was determined to 'NOT' be a sinner..."Carter even if it was a long time ago, it was still sin. And God hates our sin. We have to get forgiveness for our sin to be right with God, and that is why Jesus came. Why did Jesus die for us?"

Evan loudly & cheerfully chimes in, "For our sins! For our sins, Tartar!"....what precious truth that is, even spoken from a babe.

Carter looked at me & said, "Mom, I don't want to have sins. I'll pray now."

He bowed his head & Evan bowed his head..because he does everything Carter does (so cute) and as he began to pray I picked up the pen next to me to jot it down.

"Dear God,
I want to be ok. Help me not to sin. I don't know how not to do it. Please help me. I love you, Jesus. Amen."

If that doesn't melt your heart, well then the oven ain't on, my friend!!

When he finished praying I had teary eyes & told him, "Carter, that is very good. God is pleased with your honest prayers."

I'm praying for the day when I hear my little boys call upon the name of Jesus for Salvation...I wouldn't be surprised if it's very soon. They sure do love the Lord & their little hearts see His goodness & forgiveness when they see their sins.

May we have this child like faith.
Bless you for stopping by!:)