Monday, January 24, 2011

I Prayed In My Heart...

The other morning my boys had one of the sweetest conversations. Carter is 4 (almost 5) and Evan just turned 3.

Now don't be fooled, I usually highlight for you the 'sweet' stories & keep the disaster stories a secret! HA! Our home has many little disasters each day, whether it's the boys fighting over toys or jumping up and down LOUDLY on their train table followed by crying, because one of them tried to jump from the table to the couch only missing their mark by a HUGE distance...bless their little rambunctious, boy, hearts!=)

Anyway, back the sweet conversation...I gave them their bowls of cereal & told them to pray as I got their juice.

Evan said, " are eating and I was praying!"

Carter: " I prayed already."

Evan: "Tarter, I didn't hear you pray."

Carter: "I prayed in my heart. Sometimes people pray in their heart & they don't make any sounds. Do it!"

Evan: "Ok. (as he pulls his shirt open & looks down at his heart) Bless the food, Amen. I did it, Tarter! I prayed in my heart!"

They are a blessing, even when I have to clean off their gooey finger marks from the backs of my chairs, I can remember they are a blessing.

They are only this age once, they are only small for a short time, may I cherish each day with them!

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Called to Make the Difference said...

Mrs. S,

I found your blog by way of another blog off of PB&J. You are such a sweet encouragement to me. Thank you for your love for the Lord! (I know you said you don't keep up on this blog, but I had to leave a comment anyway. It has been a blessing to read! )

Have a blessed day!